The LEGO Group granted me the honor of being the first to reveal and review the new LEGO® Ideas set 21110 Research Institute. I’m extremely excited to have the final set in hand, especially because I only ever built the chemist’s lab for real. As a scientist critical and objective reviewing is part of my job so let’s get started.

Alatariel’s Atelier reviews the production version of the Lego Research Institute set that she designed and submitted to Lego Ideas (previous Cuusoo).

This has had a lot of press in relation to the debate over whether Lego (and other toy companies) should produce gender-targetted sets for children. However I suspect that a lot of its popularity is down to adult fans wanting more female minifigures to balance out the gender ratio in their collections.

Interesting, if demoralising, article about how people get greedier about ordering when they don’t have to wait, or give their order to another human.

Here’s the most depressing bit:

The Chili’s version of the Ziosk menus is programmed to have images of dessert (a molten chocolate cake, say) pop up while customers are still eating their main courses. 

Sounds hellish.